Espressomat Galaxy

$4,189.00 Exc. GST

Solid two group espresso machine

  • Two high power groups with 4000w boiler
  • Classic design with modern features
  • Joystick operated steam wands for full control and convenience
  • Brew time display and programmable buttons
  • Easy maintenance and using readily available parts




ESPRESSOMAT GALAXY 2 group (great café work horse in enduring SS housing)

  •  Stainless Steel bodywork with side and front panels easy to disassemble
  • Thermostat controlled boiler temperature for high reliability and accuracy
  • Powerful element for fast steam recovery drawing just under 20 amp
  • Two lever faucets for powerful steam, high durability, 10 mm steam wand, heat proof, stainless steel
  • One water faucet operated by solenoid.
  • One multi-funtion Display: Coffee counter, stopwatch, boiler temperature, PID etc
  • Programmable LED touchpads for coffee and water dosages, including pre-infusion
  • Blue LED lighting in the work area and for rear panels
  • Boiler in AISI 316 stainless Steel (12 liters). Plasma-welded both inside and out.
  • High performance 200-litre volumetric pump. Constant pressure after long and simultaneous use of groups
  • 2 probe system (low/high level), 100% heating element protection
  • 2 pressure gauges (pump & boiler)
  • High groups with stand for cups
  • 4500W, 20A/240V, weight 58 kg, 750mm L x 520mm W x 500mm H


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