We create premium consistent quality coffee

We want you to buy our coffee, a lot of it! This is the only way to support the 120+ small scale organic coffee farmers that grow our full flavoured coffee beans. We know you probably like us for being certified organic, Fairtrade and our climate positive footprint, and we know you will love us for supplying consistent quality coffee every time you order.

Quality starts at the farm

Our coffee grows on nutrient-rich organic plantations. Healthy coffee plants suck up a lot of nutrients. It is these nutrients that contribute to the full flavour you find in our coffee. Native trees provide shade and protect the coffee from ripening too fast. And then our small-scale organic coffee farmers hand-pick only the ripe coffee fruit and look after the plantations like family. It's a labour of love.

We get the first pick

Over the last fifteen years we have committed to a selection of award-winning organic coffee growers. We commit financially by ordering well before the harvesting season. This means financial stability for our growers. In return we get the first pick. These freshly harvested coffee beans get delivered directly to our coffee roastery in Waiwhakaiho, Taranaki. This way iCoco Coffee tastes the same not only this year but also next year.

Award winning roasting proces

As well as working with premium quality, new harvested coffee beans every year, we have a highly automated roasting process. It might sound less romantic than a boutique roaster around the corner, but it also brings you consistent quality. It is that consistency that turns new customers into regulars. It also made us New Zealand's most awarded coffee roaster at the New Zealand Coffee Awards four years in a row (until the awards ceased).

We define freshness

Our coffee takes the shortest route from our growers to your café. Every bag of iCoco Coffee contains the freshest coffee beans. We pack our coffee in high barrier, nitrogen-flushed bags. This means the coffee stays fresh for a long time. Once you open the bag, grind it, sell it and make delicious, fresh coffee.

Committed to sustainability

Everything is connected and connection is everything. It is the reason we solely work with organic coffee farmers. These farmers not only create the finest coffee, but also look after the planet that grows our coffee. We pay our farmers above set Fairtrade market rates, because first of all, they deserve it as they work hard. Second, it makes them less dependent on other sources of income so they can focus on what they do best: grow delicious coffee. Finally, we aim to reduce our footprint. Climate change is the biggest threat to the future of coffee. Therefore, we offset all carbon emissions related to sourcing, roasting and brewing iCoco Coffee with native reforestation projects.

Time for good coffee?

If you care about quality and you understand the need for consistency, then you need iCoco Coffee. But will your customers and colleagues love iCoco Coffee too? There’s only one way to find out. Try our coffee, pour our beans in your hopper and wait for the response. iCoco Coffee walks the talk.