Climate Positive Coffee
From bush to cup & cup to bush

Did you know that it takes two to eight times more energy brewing a Kg of coffee than all the energy it takes to organically grow, roast and deliver a bag of iCoco Coffee? Energy directly equates to CO2 emissions, the main cause of climate change. Here is some good news: trees love CO2. One native tree sequesters about 440 Kg CO2 over 50 years, that is equivalent to brewing an average of 150Kg of coffee.

Toitū carbonzero certified Coffee Roastery

iCoco Coffee is roasted by the same family that brings you IncaFé Organic Coffee. We believe that any business should be sustainable and not put an unfair burden on the environment and least powerful in the supply chain. Since 2008 we have been offsetting our carbon emissions with certified reforestation projects in New Zealand.

"This year we decided to include you"

iCoco Coffee is all about biodiversity

we decided to expand our company's climate positive footprint and include you and do more. For every 24 bags of iCoco Coffee you brew the people at Trees That Count are planting a native New Zealand tree.

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Increase biodiversity in your backyard

When you choose iCoco Coffee you are putting a lot more back into nature than taking out. Not only are you supporting organic coffee growing communities, you are helping NZ to get greener and contribute to more biodiversity and healthier ecosystems in our own backyard. On top of that you do a little bit extra to stop climate change whilst enjoying your coffee.

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