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Climate positive wholesale coffee supply at a competitive price.

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Traditionally drum roasted in New Zealand

Pure Peru

Sweet & Lively, Lively apricot, almond, cacao, vanilla flavours with subtle citrus notes.

Single Origin, 100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade wholesale roasted organic coffee from Peru

Gold Rush

Caramelly & Rich, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Berry

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade wholesale roasted organic coffee from Peru & Indonesia

Mocha Java

Chocolatey and Dark, Dark chocolate molasses, Cedar notes, Heavy toast aftertaste

Single Origin, 100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade wholesale roasted organic coffee from Indonesia

Italian Roast

Smooth caramel, Dark chocolate, Bold and lively aftertaste

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade wholesale roasted organic coffee from Peru & India

Order iCoco Coffee Online

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You have the skills, We have the beans

iCoco Coffee is created for professionals who value and choose quality, consistency and integrity in the beans they work with. Our premium beans, combined with your barista skills, will result in incredible cups of coffee for your customers every time.

Consistent quality roasted organic coffee beans

We work with some of the finest certified Organic Fairtrade coffee beans available in the world. Full of nutrients, carefully hand picked and sourced directly from small scale organic farmers.

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Easy online ordering, fast reliable delivery

We aim to make our online ordering process just as smooth as our coffee. All online coffee orders placed before 2pm from Monday - Thursday are dispatched the same day.

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Competitive wholesale pricing

Our efficient direct supply chain allows us to reduce costs and increase quality. We pass on every saving to make sure that you get to work with the best coffee beans available whilst making the numbers work.

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Brew our coffee
& Plant trees in your backyard

We plant a tree for every 24 Kg of coffee you brew

On our mission to create a sustainable coffee business from bush to cup we decided to expand our company's climate positive footprint and plant a tree for every 24Kg of coffee you brew.

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"iCoco Organic Coffee fulfilled my dream job as a barista"

Little Coffee Shack, Palmerston North

I have worked with iCoco Organic Coffee on a number of occasions over the duration of my 23 years of making coffee, fulfilling my dream job as a Barista.

I have always found iCoco to be a consistent and welcoming company to deal with. I love their enthusiasm and willingness to help and the different selection of beans and the variety of roasts are definitely to crave. There is certainly a wow factor to the iCoco coffee, something you are left thinking about and craving. The fact that they are also GM free, organic and fair trade makes them a popular choice of bean for the modern world and the direction we aim to head.

So naturally when I opened my own business, self employed and running my own coffee cart “The Little Coffee Shack” in Palmerston North, there was no hesitation as to which Coffee Bean company I would choose as my supplier. In the one and half years of trading and using Mocha Java as my preferred roast I have never looked back. I love serving a coffee that I know each and every time will have my customers walking away with a smile on their face, enjoying each and every coffee to the last drop.

Little Coffee Shack, Palmerston North Sarah Dickson Little Coffee Shack Palmerston North

"We want you to work with better beans whilst making the numbers work"

For New Zealanders a cup of coffee is a ritual. People expect quality, and they will choose and return to cafés based on the consistency and integrity of their coffee. The coffee we choose makes a statement, and the brand of beans signals the value we put on premium coffee.

That’s why we created iCoco Coffee – to offer premium certified Fairtrade Organic wholesale coffee beans, with quality and integrity assured from farm to flat white.When you choose iCoco Coffee, you simply choose to work with the best coffee beans available at an accessible price point.

Start brewing better beans today

When you choose iCoco Coffee, you don't just choose to work with the finest coffee beans available. You choose to work with a New Zealand owned and operated family business that will look after you like family. Our team of coffee professionals is always a phone call or chat message away to assist with all your coffee needs.

  • Easy online ordering
  • Dedicated customer support
  • No strings attached
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